Smart contract protocol-based W3XShare fees are transparent and applicable to every data file transfer transaction.

Web3 mainly works based on the PAYGO (i.e. pay-as-you-go) TX model, meaning the user has to pay for every TX, ergo pay for every data file transfer. To make on-chain data file transfers more viable, work is being done that will in parallel to PAYGO also enable subscription-based models, so the users will be able to pay monthly SUBSCRIPTION-FEE to access block space and communicate without the hurdle of paying for every TX.

Clarification: Parallel to the underlying L1/L2 TX GAS cost, the PROTOCOL-FEE is also settled on the smart contract level and is applicable for every communication TX. Total user cost equals the sum of the L1/L2 TX GAS, the PROTOCOL-FEE cost, and the cost of decentralized storage. Fees are handled by the [AppFeeManager] smart contract.

W3XShare fee table (last price update September 2023)

Clarification: GAS usage is defined in WEI & GWEI and multiplied by GAS price, which results in true L1/L2 GAS cost.

User cost calculation estimate per data file transfer

Let's assume that:

  • L1/L2 TX GAS cost = 0.003$

  • W3XShare PROTOCOL-FEE = 0.1$

  • Total user cost = 0.103$

Note: The calculation projection is based on a file size of up to 100MB. Check the PX sNFTs page for decentralized storage prices.

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