User Guide

This is the W3XShare user guide. Follow the steps for easier onboarding and access to all needed information.

How to send data files using W3XShare?

Step 1: Install or login to Wallet Connect supported wallet (e.g. MetaMask);

Step 2: Check the Supported Networks page to select the network of your choosing;

Step 3: If needed, connect the wallet to the chosen network (e.g. Immu3, Fantom, Edgeware, Oasis...);

Note: The sender and receiver must communicate on the same network.

Step 4: Provide sufficient wallet balance (e.g. IMMU, FTM, EDG, ROSE...);

Step 5: "Connect Wallet" to the dApp and confirm the privacy policy and software terms;

Step 5: Connect your wallet via MetaMask or Wallet Connect;

Step 6: Claim your 100MB free PX sNFT (i.e. PollinationX Storage NFT), by clicking on the "Mint Free 100MB NFT"

Step 7: Confirm the wallet transaction;

Explainer: The W3XShare is supported by PollinationX decentralized storage NFTs. By utalizing decentralised storage NFTs, you control the storage of your communication data. Mint your NFTs according to the storage needs.

Step 8: Drop your files in the "Add new file" frame;

Step 9: Fill out the transfer data form;

(1) receiver wallet; (2) sender email; (3) receiver email; (4) transfer title, and; (5) transfer message.

Step 10: Sharing the secret encryption key with the receiver;

Explainer: Your W2W communication is secured natively by the AES-256-GCM encryption algorithm. A random secret key is generated to encrypt content, which is shared between wallet client A (i.e. sender) and wallet client B (i.e. receiver). The receiver obtains the secret key from a sender using external communication (i.e. email, chat…) to decrypt the content.

Option 1: "Copy Secret key" and share it with the transfer receiver via external communication (i.e. email, message); Option 2: If "Sent to recepient" option is choosen, the secret key will be automatically sent to recepient email address as a part of the unique file download link.

Step 11: Hit the "Transfer" button and confirm the network transaction. There are three key processes executing within the transfer window;

(1) zipping attachments (2) storing encrypted attachments to decentralized storage (3) storing encrypted envelope (i.e. JSON file string) on decentralized storage (4) sends/saves the envelope url and checksum as L1/L2 transaction via smart contract (5) sending email to the recepient

Explainer: The transaction cost equals the sum of the network transaction and service fees. It is settled in the native tokens of the chosen blockchain network (e.g. IMMU, FTM, EDG, ROSE...)

Step 12: Check your transactions by clicking the Explorer links available in the UI, and;

Step 13: The receiver gets the notification in his or her inbox.

How to receive data files using W3XShare?

Step 1: Install or connect to MetaMask or any Wallet Connect supported wallet;

Step 2: Connect the wallet to the chosen network;

Step 3: Click on the "Get your files" link in the received email sent by the W3XShare system;

Explainer: The receiver link includes an encrypted transaction hash and secret key needed to decrypt transferred files.

Step 4: "Connect Wallet" to the W3XShare dApp and confirm the privacy policy and software terms;

Step 5: If needed paste the "Secret encryption key" associated with the transfer that was shared with you by the transfer sender;

Warning: The transfers can not be decrypted without the secret encryption key!

Step 6: Download your files.

Tip: The download zip file name (e.g. is composed of the date, time and number of included files.

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