Why is on-chain communication important?

You can not achieve "true" decentralized communication that is 100% non-custodial, permissionless, and immutable by utilising any centralized database. In the case of W3XShare, data file transfer package is represented as an L1/L2 transaction, while the data files itself are stored on decentralized storage.

Who can use W3XShare?

W3XShare is a decentralized permissionless application open and available to all, but also a white-label platform for developers to deploy use-case-specific data file transfer dApps.

What is the cost of using W3XShare?

Parallel to the underlying L1/L2 transaction GAS cost, the PROTOCOL-FEE is also settled on the smart contract level and is applicable for every communication transaction. Total user cost equals the sum of the L1/L2 transaction GAS, the PROTOCOL-FEE cost, and the cost of decentralized storage (i.e. PollinationX). Read more by accessing the Fee chapter.

What is the data file transfer size limit?

The TestNet data file size limit is 100MB. The data file size limit in the MainNet dApp correlates with the purchased PollinationX Storage NFT size (e.g. 5GB, 20GB, 100GB).

Why do I need the secret key?

Encryption is one of the key parts of the solution. W3XShare utilises AES-randomly generated secret key to enable end-to-end encryption. Each secret key is unique and generated automatically for each data file transfer. The transfers can not be decrypted without the secret encryption key!

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