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Welcome to W3XShare, W2W data file transfer platform.

What is W3XShare?

W3XShare refers to decentralized data file transfers with specific Web3 characteristics; 100% self-custodial, encrypted, immutable, and permissionless.

Core primitives;

💡 1 data-transfer = 1 L1/L2 TX 💡 not your keys = data

W3XShare is changing how large and sensitive data is exchanged and shared. It leverages public blockchain networks, Immu3 on-chain communication infrastructure stack and decentralized storage enabled by PollinationX, to allow a secure and efficient solution for peer-to-peer encrypted data file transfers.

Key solution points;

(1) W2W E2EE on-chain data file transfers that are censorship-resistant, de-platforming resistant, permissionless, immutable and time-stamped; (2) no data mining; (3) permissionless data access is possible only with users' private key; (4) self-client custody (e.g. in the case of dApp downtime, the open-source UI client is available); (5) multi-chain interoperable; (6) end-to-end encryption by design; (7) smart-contract monetization based on the pay-as-you-go model; (8) settlement based on the native underlying L1/L2 tokens (i.e. ETH, Matic…); (9) decentralized storage enabled by PollinationX Storage NFTs.

Warning: W3XShare dApp would never ask for your seed passphrase!


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